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Spirit of Christmas

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know how the staff here in Gander office is spreading the ‘Christmas Spirit’ this year.

We have a ‘special needs/mental health’ client here in Gander who is totally alone in the world – has absolutely no one (except for a boyfriend) and her HSW’s from Compassion HomeCare. Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit… (Except this client). Our other HSW’s have been busy helping their clients get ready for Christmas – decorating their trees and their homes for them, helping them with gift wrapping, last minute shopping, etc. etc. etc. The workers of our ‘special needs’ client came into the office saying that she was getting depressed and was very unhappy about Christmas coming. We decided to spread some Christmas cheer and help her get into the Christmas spirit as well. Everyone needs to feel the Christmas Spirit! Right?

As Santa’s Elves – we went to work! We invited her boyfriend (and his worker), her Social Worker, and her BMS. We got a tree donated (from one of the churches here), we all came up with some decorations for the tree and for her apartment, and I thought it would be nice if we made an evening of it, so we decided to all chip in and get a couple of pizza’s (that’s her favourite – and a real treat for her). The BMS and SW brought desert, someone else brought the pop, the boyfriend brought the nachos, someone else brought devilled eggs, chocolates, candy etc. We all met over at the clients house 7 pm sharp loaded down with food, lights, decorations (and even some gifts – I had some things in my ‘tickle trunk’ that I never used or I had bought for someone else and never gave it to them. You know how it is?) I even had enough to stuff a stocking for her – what’s Christmas without a stocking?

The client was so excited!!! She was just gleaming!!!! We put on the Christmas tunes and went to work – got the boyfriend to put the lights on the tree (after all – that is a man’s job!), then we decorated the tree while others decorated her apartment. When everything was done, we got the client to put the star on ‘her very first tree’. Then we took some pictures for her.
Now it was time to eat while we sat around her living room telling some Christmas stories – some of our (best and worst) Christmas memories. What a laugh! We all left around 9:30 so full of the ‘Christmas Spirit’!!!!

The staff were still talking about it at our ‘staff social’ on Friday! This little venture not only impacted our client but our staff as well. Isn’t this what Christmas is all about?

Sandy Moss
Office Manager
Compassion HomeCare

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