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Confidentiality and Professional Boundaries

Confidentiality is the trust of privileged information. This includes not only medical information of a client, but also personal information or client/company information.
Confidentiality applies not only to clients, but also to all employees of the company and to the agency itself. Breaches in confidentiality occur when private and protected information is improperly given out. This can be intentional or unintentional.

Here are some examples of breaches of confidentiality:

  • Rumor – Do not gossip about clients, employees or the agency
  • Talking in public areas or where you can be overheard
  • By giving information about clients, other employees or agency to those not directly involved with a situation, confidentiality may be breached. Never assume that a person, who is inquiring, is permitted to receive the information that he or she has requested.
  • Discussing a current or past client with other clients
  • Giving information that identifies a person without saying their name. Things like medical information, family details, daily routines, etc.

Professional boundaries are guidelines for maintaining a positive and helpful relationship with your clients. Understanding boundaries helps caregivers avoid stress and misconduct, recognize boundary crossings and provide the best possible care.

Please remember the following tips:

  • Use caution when talking to a client about your personal life.
  • Remember the way you address a client indicates your level of professionalism. Ask your client how they would like to be addressed.
  • Giving or receiving gifts, or doing special favors, can blur the line between a personal relationship and a professional one. Accepting a gift from a client might be taken as fraud or theft by another person or family member.
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