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Compassion Home Care

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Putting the Heart in Home Care

Reflections of 20 Years of Caring!

sandra-noelBy Sandra Noel, Founder of Compassion Homecare

From a small home based family business in Mount Pearl to one of Newfoundland’s largest, most respected Home Care Agencies, with seven locations across the Island, Compassion HomeCare has grown!

Compassion HomeCare was founded on Godly principles and built with hard work, honesty and integrity. It is because of these values that we have reached this 20 year milestone!

Since 1994 thousands of employees have walked through our doors, nurses, social workers, home support workers and office staff. Many came and went, many went and came back, many came and stayed!

Our employees are the “heart” of Compassion HomeCare!

Everyone who has cared for a client, visited a home or worked in an office has left their mark on someone’s life. Our staff have been a lifeline to thousands of men, women, young people, children and their families. Their work is incredibly valuable!

Our Home Support Workers are the “face” and “hands” of Compassion. You represent who we are in the community. You touch the lives of hundreds of people every day, bringing help, comfort, support, protection and encouragement.

Our Home Support Workers walk into unknown and challenging situations every day. You help alleviate pain, discomfort, fear and loneliness. You bring cheer, comfort and health into the lives of your clients with every visit.

We trust our employees to carry our values into the community and because of your loyalty, honesty and integrity we now celebrate 20 years of caring! Thank you!

Our Office Staff are the “pillars of support” for Compassion HomeCare. You offer our Home Support Workers a listening ear, support and encouragement. You can multi-task at a moment’s notice. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week you are on high alert for an emergency call, change of schedule, sick call or community emergency.

Our Home Support Workers could not function in the community without your support and quick thinking. It’s amazing how you do staff and client schedules like a complex puzzle, all the while matching client needs with the skills and training of the Home Support Worker.

It takes a special person with exceptional ability and patience to be a “scheduler” in a busy Compassion office and we have the “best”! Thank you!

The “foundation” on which Compassion HomeCare stands are our Nurses, Social Workers, Managers and Administrators.

Our caring nurses and social workers bring that important overseeing “eye”! You know when and how to intervene with your professional touch and advice. Your experience and expertise give credibility and accountability to Compassion HomeCare. We are very grateful to our nurses and social workers. Some of you have been with us almost 20 years and have helped make Compassion what it is today. Thank you!

Our managers and administrators “shoulder” the burden of the everyday running of the individual offices and our company in general. Your abilities and expertise is evident in the growth and harmony of each office. You ensure safety, dignity and quality of life for your clients as well as a safe and healthy work environment for employees.

You ensure policies and government standards are not only met and adhered to but you endeavour to bring improvements.

You, our managers and administrators helped raise our standards as we worked for and received National Accreditation in 2006. Your hard work, loyalty and diligence helped us reach that very important goal and you continue to ensure we maintain these high standards and accountability.

Since 1994 our managers and administrators have led the way in lobbying government and health authorities for improved home care standards and better working conditions and salaries for employees.

Because of you, Compassion HomeCare has helped raise the bar of safety and quality care in the Home Care Sector throughout NL. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to help us reach this milestone!

Congratulations on 20 years of caring !!

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