Compassion Care Online Physiotherapy

Why Online?

You are possibly wondering how physiotherapy can be performed online. Most people think that the only way to receive physiotherapy is to see a physiotherapist at a clinic and receive hands on treatment from the physiotherapist. The truth is that visiting a physiotherapist at a clinic is only one of the ways to receive physiotherapy.

The realities of an aging population and the mix of populations between rural and urban centers has required that the profession of physiotherapy become innovative in our service delivery to ensure that all folks, no matter where they might live, can access the support of a physiotherapist when required.

Compassion Care Rehabilitation has decided to adopt an online physiotherapy service for the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. After consultation with experts in Online physiotherapy services in Australia, the United States and British Columbia we were convinced that people in Newfoundland would and should be able to use an Online physiotherapy treatment option. The best part of offering Online physiotherapy is that we know that for many injuries and conditions excellent results can be obtained with assisting recovery. Not only is Online physiotherapy a great option to assist in recovery following an injury, it is a more economical and convenient option for many.

How Online Physiotherapy Works:


Compassion Care Rehabilitation has an experienced team of physiotherapists available for consultation. We have physiotherapist with experience in the treatment of orthopedic or musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions, and pediatric conditions including idiopathic juvenile scoliosis, chronic pain conditions and balance impairments. No matter the condition, we have a physiotherapist who has clinical experience to provide a competent assessment and treatment plan for commonly encountered injuries and conditions. The great news is that the consultation with one of our physiotherapists can occur completely Online and that you can get your injury personally assessed and diagnosed via a combination of web forms, video consultation, and email.

The truth is that physiotherapy does not always require fancy looking machines and manual techniques. There is evidence that a structured rehabilitation plans that the patient completes on their own under watchful guidance is an effective treatment approach for many conditions treated by physiotherapists. There is extensive evidence that the rehabilitation process can be completed Online with excellent outcomes. It’s just the facts!

Of course, there are people who will present with conditions where a therapist will be required to see the patient for diagnosis or treatment. Don’t worry, if your condition requires face to face consultation and treatment, we will let you know. Not only will we let you know, we will arrange for the face to face visit with one of our therapists in the comfort of your own home or will assist you in finding a treatment provider in your area. We want you to be pain free and healthy and will only recommend Online treatment if we are certain your condition can be treated using a structured Online approach.

The Online Physiotherapy Process:


The Online physiotherapy assessment process is almost exactly the same as if you were to visit us at our clinic. You will receive the same careful assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan. It will just be more convenient!

Once you have had a thorough assessment, the physiotherapist will educate you on your condition and customize a rehabilitation package just for you. The physiotherapist will then send you your program together with education and clear video demonstrations of all exercises and stretches.

The physiotherapist will consult with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you are progressing towards recovery and to update your rehabilitation program as required.

If we think you will require any equipment such as an exercise ball, rubber resistance bands or small weights, we can arrange to have those items sent directly to your door!

What is the cost of the Online Service?

That’s a great question and we are excited to answer it! You can choose between different levels of service for most common injuries. Your physiotherapist will suggest one of three packages based on your symptoms, diagnosis and potential comfort level with completing the rehabilitation plan.

Package One: Just a Little Help and Some Great Advice Package- $80.00

  • Assessment via intelligent web forms
  • Personalized video conferencing with one of our registered therapists
  • Personalized rehabilitation program to your smart phone, computer or tablet
  • Two week unlimited access to your physiotherapist through App messaging
  • **Great or minor aches and pain, advice on activity planning, basic conditioning exercise advice and targeted strength and conditioning plans

Package Two: The Basic Recovery Package- $180.00- Great for those nagging injuries that cause interruption and ruin the fun of everyday activity

  • Assessment using intelligent web forms
  • Personal video conference with one of our registered therapists
  • Personalized rehabilitation program to your smartphone, computer or tablet
  • One month unlimited follow up with your therapist through app messaging and treatment revisions as required
  • Discharge program to keep the injury or condition from occurring again

Package Three: The “I need a little extra help” Recovery package- $100 per month for three months

  • Assessment via intelligent web forms
  • Video consultation
  • Personalized rehabilitation program to your smart phone, computer or tablet
  • Three months (12 week) follow up program revisions as required
  • Three months unlimited access to your physiotherapist
  • Three months unlimited follow up through App messaging
  • **Great for post-surgical rehabilitation programs such as after a Total Knee Replacement or for injuries that are causing a major disruption to your day to day activities

The really great news is that Compassion Care’s Online service is covered by most all Insurance providers! If your insurance will cover in-clinic service, our Online services will very likely be covered as well.

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